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Getting your tree cut is a simple process. Well, it requires a lot of hard work but, once you tree-stumpdecide that you need to cut it down, you cut it down. Once the tree is cut, you are left with an ugly stump. Now, getting rid of the stump is not as easy as chopping the tree down was. It is a little more technical, and you need to know whether you want to grind the stump or completely remove it. We will help you differentiate between the two so you know which option is better suited for you.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is a more challenging and time-consuming process between the two. The reason is that you have to remove the roots along with the stump. Depending on how big the tree was, getting the entire root ball can be a menacing process. Root ball can grow to be 4 to 10 times the size of the tree trunk and can be well rooted to the ground, making it a tiresome process to dig out. Once you do manage to dig it out, then you are left with a hole in the ground. This process, however, ensures you get the stump and roots removed completely. So you can easily replant a tree in the area if you want to without any issue.

Stump Grinding

The process of stump grinding is a lot simpler. Since you use a grinder, it doesn’t require a lot of strenuous work from you, like digging and pulling roots. You take a grinder and grind the stump to a pulp. Then use the small pieces that you grind as a base to cover the ground, ensuring that there is no hole. You can then just let the roots decay with time.

Out of the two, most homeowners prefer to go with grinding since it is less time consuming and tiresome. It also ensures there is no hole in the ground, which can be very displeasing. However, getting the stump completely removed is something we recommend but rather than doing it yourself, why not get professional help?

If you need your tree cut and stump removed and are in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, then we recommend Arbor Design. Arbor Design has a team of professional, certified arborist that can assist you with all your tree cutting, removal needs. So don’t wait, call them today and bring life back to your yard by removing that dead/aging tree.

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