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Cincinnati, They are here. The spread of the Emerald Ash Borer in Cincinnati, responsible for the death of millions of ash trees in the Midwest, is now said to be moving about 40 times faster than it was several years ago.


The actual eab bug

Destruction from the Emerald Ash borer is now evident everywhere in the Greater Cincinnati area and in Northern Kentucky. All the way down I-75 from Dayton to Walton, Kentucky the death of Ash trees is very apparent. The infestation is moving literally at lightning speed.


Tracks caused by the eab bug

Since the first reports of the emerald ash borer were discovered in Warren County in 2006, they have now saturated all seven local counties in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky: Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren in Ohio, and Boone, Campbell and Kenton in Kentucky.


Dead trees caused by eab.

Five years ago, the spread of the  emerald ash borers moved about a quarter- to a half-mile a year, today with the spread of firewood they are moving close to 30-50 miles per year.

Some of the worst areas include West Chester, Liberty Township, Mason, Loveland, Hamilton, Blue Ash, Hyde Park, Anderson Township and Forest Park.Trying to control the invasive beetles, which were first discovered in Detroit in 2002, can be achieved with relatively great success. The most common treatment are trunk injections, using insecticides to destroy the bug and kill the eggs. This is a yearly treatment plan that has been shown to be as much as 97% effective.

Everyone must know: If you don’t treat your ash trees, they will die and you will have the expense of removing them. The time to treat is NOW! Call or click here to get an ISA Certified Arborist out as soon as possible to evaluate and to give a free quote on your Ash trees today.

Cincinnati Emerald Ash Borer Treatments


Emerald Ash Borer continues to attack the tri-state area, costing homeowners and businesses millions of dollars. Click below to learn more about how you can fight Emerald Ash Borer and save your ash!

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