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Please read some of our customers reviews that we have gotten in the past. We aren’t happy unless you are happy and that shows in the below reviews!

This company is great! Over the past several years, I have been wanting to have this tree removed and received a variety of estimates and techniques to have it removed. John McMichael was the first person with all of the estimates I received that made me feel comfortable that Arbor Design knows what they are doing. Even though he and I only talked by phone I felt completely at ease. I then reviewed all of the prior experiences reported on Angie’s List and noticed that the company responses to every comment left – good or bad – I felt that this shows the level of customer service that they deliver. The guys showed up yesterday to remove the tree. I was in amazement at the precision that they used with the crane and bucket truck. These guys are true professionals. It is obvious that the know what they are doing. We actually had some roofing work being done at the same time. The roofers also commented on how impressed they were with the level of skill and safety that these guys used. They had to access the tree from my neighbor’s driveway / yard. Other than 1 tire rut in the curve of his driveway (I expected more due to the size and curve in this driveway), you would not have known they were there. When I need tree service in the future, Arbor Design is the only company I will call. ~Shane D

Great. Very professional. One of their arborist came out and looked at the trees. I was not home so he left the quote(with 3 options), his certification, a list of references, and insurance information in the mailbox. A week later they came back and removed one tree and pruned the other. Later that day a second group came by to remove the stump. Very nice job on the clean up as well. ~Laurie D.

First they gave me an estimate. They stuck to their estimate. They were very efficient. They had a lot of work to do. They got the work done on time, actually it only took a couple of hours. They were good about cleaning up their mess. My yard looked good. ~William K.

They removed an 85 foot tree that fell and smashed a car. They also removed other limbs that were risky. I called three different people, and they had the best price. They were very prompt and courteous. It was amazing to watch them take the tree down, without damaging anything else. I referred them to my neighbors, and I will use them again. ~STEVEN & DEBBIE J.

We had four trees that were either dead or were leaning in a direction that might hit the house if they came down. One of these was leaning more after hurricane Ike blew thru a couple of weeks before. Arbor came in and took down the trees and hauled away all the wood except one tree we wanted to for firewood. That tree they sectioned the trunk in lengths suitable for burning.They were courteous over the phone. We hardly saw anyone as they took care of our service while I was at work. They left no evidence of their visit other than the low profile of the stumps. (We did not ask for them to take out the stumps.) ~Roy A.

Received a quote within a week of requesting it, and after comparing it with some other quotes I had I decided to go with Arbor. After a rocky start, primarily due to a severe wind storm and a misunderstanding with the quote, Scott Boyles called me and explained that they would do the job for the quoted amount and as soon possible and apologized for any miss-understanding. Working with Scott was a pleasure in the sense that I could tell that he really cared about my concerns and took the time to reassure me that Arbor would do the job to my satisfaction. A week later the Arbor crew arrived to do the work. And I must say they did a great job. No damage to the fence, no equipment on the property and the area around the removed trees was cleaned up properly. Very happy with the results. ~Robert P.

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