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Tree fertilization can be just what the doctor ordered when your tree or trees are in decline, stress or becoming mature and need the added micro and macro nutrients that they are lacking. Plant health care is an understanding of how the biology of a tree works and how special soil and roots are able to form together and give the tree all of the life support that it needs.


It’s important to incorporate tree fertilizer into your routine tree maintenance plan if you want to see your trees thrive. Just like us, a tree needs certain nutrients to allow it to grow big and strong and beautifully green! In suburbs or cities, it’s even more important because of the increased risk of nutrient deficiencies a tree can acquire. Leaves are a tree’s natural nutrient gathering tool and leaves often fall off are removed for various reasons. Without these leaves, the tree is now competing against grass, bushes, plants and other trees for any nutrients that are left over in the soil.

Arbor Design’s tree fertilization program provides all of the macro and micro nutrients needed to insure that your trees needs are taken care of. Our certified Arborists will determine your tree species, the soil conditions, the age of the tree, any  tree diseases or stresses that the tree maybe having, general health, and growth factors, the location of the tree as it stands with other issues on the property, any weather problems. Our  tree fertilizer program that your Certified Arborist recommends for your landscape will be precise and correct.


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Emerald Ash Borer continues to attack the tri-state area, costing homeowners and businesses millions of dollars. Click below to learn more about how you can fight Emerald Ash Borer and save your ash!

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