There are many reasons you could want to remove a tree. Perhaps it was planted too close to the house or other trees, and now it has overgrown its space. Maybe you are doing some renovations that include putting something else in the spot where the tree is. Whatever the case, the good news is that we can safely remove any tree. Before any of our Arborist begin any tree removal operation, the crew always does a site analysis and an assessment of the overall tree’s condition in order to obtain a plan that is safe, and controlled. This includes locating any buildings, structures, wind direction and the lean of the tree. Tree removal is by far the most dangerous part of tree work. many trees have to be removed with skilled personnel and skilled grounds people who are trained in using ropes and blocks and tackle. Here at Arbor design tree removal is done almost on a daily basis. We can handle any tree from very small to the very large. For the past 26 years we have done some amazing and often crazy tree removals all throughout the Cincinnati Area.


So how much does it cost to remove a tree?  I get this question a lot. There really is no cut-and-dry way to determine the exact cost to remove a tree.  For example, the amount of labor hours, length to get the brush and wood out to the truck, the height of the tree and so onThe price can often vary a lot depending where the tree is located. Near wires? Near house or building structures. The overall condition of the tree and its health.

The average cost to remove a tree seems to be around $300.00 to $1000.00.  But other factors may cost extra, such as wood removal, stump grinding and restoration.


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Emerald Ash Borer continues to attack the tri-state area, costing homeowners and businesses millions of dollars. Click below to learn more about how you can fight Emerald Ash Borer and save your ash!

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